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Trent Davis, NYC Photographer, NYC Glamour Photography

Trent Davis

My Background

I'm just a man with a vision to showcase curvy women of all races to the masses. I
started shooting models and dancers in 1997. Also I launched my first members only subscription websites back then too. and In 2000 I launched my first online digital magazine featuring curvy models and exotic dancers. I was probably the first one to do an online magazine featuring curvy women. In 2001 I launched a website with my most popular model called Scarlett was the top model/dancer in NYC in that era. She is Puerto Rican and at that time had a 21 inch waist with 42 inch hips. With no surgical enhancements, a true freak of nature. I used to joke around by saying she was more popular than Jennifer Lopez.

I used to sell VHS tapes of the dance videos I shot, then switched to DVD's around 2006. I ran ads in all the popular hip hop magazines like XXL Magazine, Vibe Magazine, The Source, and bikini magazines like Smooth Magazine and Black Mens Only to sell them. Most photographers who shoot curvy women in this industry know my work because they grew up on it, and some were inspired by it and picked up a camera because of it.

I've been shooting models for so long that some of the early models I've shot like Tokyo Toni, now have famous daughters in this industry, like Blac Chyna. There are a few famous one's I almost shot too before they were famous, like Amber Rose, Cardi B, and the rapper Eve. However, fate would have it that those shoots never happened.

Since 1997, I've shot over 600 models and dancers mostly from the New York City area. Many are well known like Strella Kat, Mizz DR, Rosee Divine, Chelas Way and Scarlett. Of course I've also shot many adult stars too like Champagne, Mz Booty, Maserati XXX and Chyanne Jacobs. I almost shot Pinky before she got into the adult business but I blew it. I thought she was too slim at that time. SMH.

Around 5 years ago I started shooting models from other cities who were visiting NYC. Social media sites like Instagram make it easy to find models I would like to shoot and feature in my online magazine Chocolate Models. Which features the curviest, and mostly bootylicous women from all races and was recently mentioned on TMZ, watch the TMZ video here! Chocolate Models has been updating monthly since 2001.

My Work Philosophy

As far as work goes, I'm pretty laid back on the set. I'm not one of those photographers who takes himself too seriously. So you won't see pics of me on here holding some $5000.00 camera that I don't even know how to use. LOL. I shoot in a 6 room fully air conditioned studio in New York City. My studio is 5 minutes from JFK airport, located in Queens.

Working with women is interesting, I keep it strictly professional. My goal is always to make models feel comfortable while modeling. Especally when doing implied nude shoots. Many models and dancers I shoot are doing their first ever professional dance/twerk or implied nude videos, so I always want to make sure they feel good and look great.

I never met a model who was 100% happy with her own body. They all perceive flaws both major and minor in their looks, so of course I will do my best to shoot around any flaws you believe you have to make you look your best.

I shoot models with all levels of experience, including newbies. I enjoy working with both new and experienced models. I can offer new models suggestions for their poses and directions for their videos. Experienced models tend to need less input so working with them is sort of like dancing with a good dance partner, it can be effortless.

Contact Me

If you are in New York City or planning a trip here anytime soon and wish to book me for a Custom Shoot, or to apply for a Free Promo or Paid Shoot, please use my Contact Form. All photos and information you send me are strictly confidential.

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